Jasper’s Itch

In all of creation puppies rank near the top of the list in the category of cutest things ever!  Labrador Retriever puppies are especially endearing.  Their plump little bodies, soft fur, innocent expression, clumsy antics, and limitless desire for human affection make them absolutely irresistible!  Anyone who has ever tried to walk away from a […]

Communication is key!

On May 10, 1997 I walked across the stage at the commencement ceremony for the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to accept my diploma from Dean Prasse.  I stepped off that stage a newly minted veterinarian and stepped into the heart of rural Georgia to begin my career in veterinary medicine. I was […]


What is it about being near the ocean that is so peaceful and so healing? Just watching the seemingly infinite expanse of water wash ashore in wave after wave drains the tension from my mind and body and fills me with positive energy. There is something magical in the cosmic alchemy of sun, wind, sand […]

Welcome to Foothills Veterinary Hospital blog!

Thank you for checking out our website! I am excited to be venturing into the arena of cyber communications with you!  I hope that this can become a convenient means for us to both disseminate useful information regarding your pet’s health and to connect with each of you on a more personal level by sharing […]

Caring for you and your pet

We are a client-centered veterinary hospital who believes in caring for people by caring for their pets. Foothills Veterinary Hospital strives to provide comprehensive, proactive wellness plans, thorough medical diagnostics and therapeutics, and advanced surgical techniques. We pledge to listen, educate, and offer what we feel to be an optimal care plan for your pet […]

Veterinary services

When your pet is not feeling well the staff at Foothills Veterinary Hospital is trained to use diagnostic tools including the following: Including a thorough history and physical exam An assessment of possible genetic breed related abnormalities Blood analysis Urinalysis Survey and contrast radiography Non-invasive blood pressure measurement Electrocardiography Ultrasound

Making a difference

We are proud to serve our community in working closely with Speak for Animals, Kitten Action Team and Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue. We’re proud to announce our affiliation with Pet Peace of Mind Program through Lutheran Hospice. Our purpose is to recognize and actively support keeping patients and pets together during their time in hospice […]

Resources for a healthy pet

At Foothills Veterinary Hospital, we want to serve as a resource for you as you try to provide your pet with a happy, healthy life. At each stage in the life of your pet, they need special care to help keep them feeling their best. Our resource section is full of helpful articles, timelines, videos, […]