Who’s Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

The pager on my hip erupted in a cacophony of beeps and vibrations. I cursed under my breath. I was on call. I knew better than to plan anything. It was still frustrating. I had hoped to get a project I was working on in the garage a little closer to completion. It was 2:30 […]

Goodbye old friend…

Why is it that making friends is so much easier for kids? Is it because childhood is the age of authenticity, the time in our lives when we are the newest version of ourselves long before self-awareness leads to self-consciousness? Is it because at that critical age we are all well springs of optimism, having […]

Pete and Scarlett

“Damnit, Scarlett. I left my house shoes right here by the bed for a reason.” Pete mumbled. His feet searched the dark floor in a clumsy, semi-circular motion. He clicked on the lamp on his bedside table and located his glasses. Only one house shoe to be found. A recalcitrant shock of thin grey hair […]

What Made You Want to be a Veterinarian??

“Did you always want to be a vet?” I get that a lot. Evidently, there are people in this world who somehow know from an early age just what they want to be or do with their life. I was not that kid.  Veterinary medicine was not even on my list of possible careers when […]

All surgeries are not created equal !!

Frequently I get asked why it costs more for some common procedures at one clinic and less at another.  Often when someone asks this they are trying to decide whether to take a pet to a high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic, or have the procedure done at the veterinarian that they normally use.  The answer to […]

The New Years Puppy

Dr. Bobby’s house was just across the lawn from the clinic.  During the winter months when the soil was soft and the grass was dormant you could make out a narrow foot path carved lightly in the earth by countless footsteps coming and going that gently curved  from the side entrance of the lobby to […]

Bonnie and Clyde

Ms. Taylor’s chin started to quiver and the corners of her mouth turned down slightly as the news I was sharing with her sunk in.  Tears welled up along her lower eyelids.  Before they spilled onto her cheek, she dabbed them away with a tissue and looked away.  Bonnie, her black lab nuzzled her hand […]

Baseball Sally

  “Look Dad!” Chuck exclaimed, pointing out the window of the car. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Chuck and his dad were on their way to the little league baseball fields near their home to take some batting and fielding practice before the season got underway.   Chuck’s dad, Dr. Carson, was a veterinarian […]

The Valentine’s Day Debacle

  For veterinarians in rural America, holidays evoke conflicting emotions.  We – like normal people – enjoy spending time visiting with family and friends.  We look forward to tables filled with more food than we can possibly eat and the occasion to have a cocktail or a glass of wine in the middle of what […]

Jasper’s Itch

In all of creation puppies rank near the top of the list in the category of cutest things ever!  Labrador Retriever puppies are especially endearing.  Their plump little bodies, soft fur, innocent expression, clumsy antics, and limitless desire for human affection make them absolutely irresistible!  Anyone who has ever tried to walk away from a […]