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Goodbye old friend…

Why is it that making friends is so much easier for kids? Is it because childhood is the age of authenticity, the time in our lives when we are the newest version of ourselves long before self-awareness leads to self-consciousness? Is it because at that critical age we are all well springs of optimism, having […]

Pete and Scarlett

“Damnit, Scarlett. I left my house shoes right here by the bed for a reason.” Pete mumbled. His feet searched the dark floor in a clumsy, semi-circular motion. He clicked on the lamp on his bedside table and located his glasses. Only one house shoe to be found. A recalcitrant shock of thin grey hair […]


What is it about being near the ocean that is so peaceful and so healing? Just watching the seemingly infinite expanse of water wash ashore in wave after wave drains the tension from my mind and body and fills me with positive energy. There is something magical in the cosmic alchemy of sun, wind, sand […]