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We are a client-centered veterinary hospital who believes in caring for people by caring for their...

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When your pet is not feeling well the staff at Foothills Veterinary Hospital is trained to use...

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We are proud to serve our community in working closely with Speak for Animals, Kitten Action Team...

Foothills Veterinary Hospital

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At Foothills Veterinary Hospital, we want to serve as a resource for you as you try to provide your...

What’s new at Foothills!

Did you know about our online pharmacy? Save on a wide array of top products. Combine email coupons with sale items for maximum savings. Most orders ship free in 3 to 5 days, with no minimum purchase. Although, due to Covid-19, online orders are in high demand. Please be aware there may be a delay in delivery. Go ahead and place your order when you are half way through your prescription. We are proud to provide manufacturer‌-‌backed products, a fully licensed and accredited pharmacy, exceptional customer service, and the quality care you and your pet deserve. Click the link labeled "Online Pharmacy" on the side bar.

Download the Foothills app in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store by searching foothillsvet. The app has great features like requesting for an appointment or prescription refills, receiving updates and reminders by push notifications, and you can also send us selfies your pet! When you download the app your instantly become apart of our loyalty program! There are many ways to earn stamps to receive your loyalty reward! When you refer a new client you are one stamp closer to your reward! Let our front desk staff if you have been referred by one of our pre-existing clients!

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Covid-19 Updates

We are allowing one person in for their pet's exam. To check in for appointments or to pick up medication/food, please call the hospital. In order to enter the lobby with your pet, you have to wear a mask and a technician will take your temperature. There are blue box taped on the floor outside each exam room. We ask that you please stay seated or stand inside the blue box during the entire exam.

Our lobby is still closed for medication/ food pickup, surgery or drop off check-ins, and for technician appointments. To check in or pick up medication/food please call the front desk to let them know your here. Please take advantage of our online pharmacy to have your pet’s medications or food shipped directly to your door.